Wonchul Park (Korea)
Attorney Park is the president of the International NGO History Forum for Peace in East Asia. He has been serving at the president of the Headquarters of Korean Unification Movement of Young Korean Academy. His work addresses themes of Korean reunification issues and reconciliation of East Asian history.
  Jaejeong Chung (Korea)
Professor Chung is the President of the Northeast Asian History Foundation. He has worked for history education and history of relations between Korea and Japan for many years. He is also serving as president of the Associate of the Relations between Korea and Japan and dean of the College of Humanities, University of Seoul.
  Aiko Utsumi (Japan)
Professor Utsumi is a visiting professor of Center for Asia Pacific Partnership at Osaka University of Economics and Law. She specializes in the problem of ethnic Korean living in Japan(“Zainichi”) as well as Japan-Asia relations and post-war reparation. She served as chief president of the Chosun Institute in Japan and lecturer in Padjadaran University, Indonesia.
  Chunlong Chen (China)
Professor Chen teaches at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He was also a senior judge of Beijing high people’s court. Served as Vice President of the Chinese Federation of Demanding Compensation from Japan, he has dedicated many years of his life to solving historical problems of Sino-Japan war.
  Joke van der Leeuw-Roord (Netherlands)
Ms. van der Leeuw-Roord is the founder and executive director of EUROCLIO, The European Association of History Educators. She has been a history teacher, teacher trainer and history advisor. As a leading expert on history education, innovative methodology and transnational history, she has initiated and coordinated a multitude of national, transnational projects in many European countries.
  Joseph Yu-Kai Wong (Canada)
Dr. Wong is a family physician and a committed volunteer for over 30 years. He founded Toronto ALPHA, Association for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia, in 1997 and is now serving as Chair of the Board.
Al Badilla Fuertes (Philippines)
 Dr. Al is the assistant professor of Integrative Studies, New Century College at George Mason University. He specialized in community-based trauma healing as an integral component in peace-building and conflict transformation. He is a recipient of the 2008 GMU Teaching Excellence Award and the 2001 AT&T Asia-Pacific Leadership Award.
Alois Ecker (Austria)
 Professor Ecker is an associate professor and the Head of Department of History in Social Studies and Civic Education at the University of Vienna. His teaching interests include didactics of history and citizenship education, teacher education and training. He has worked with European Commission, and is also the project coordinator of Teacher Education in Europe.
Axel Schmidt-Gödelitz (Germany)
 Mr. Schmidt-Gödelitz has dedicated many years as resident representative at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in the Egypt, China, and Berlin City office. He founded East-West Forum in 1998, and was elected as chairman in 2003. Due to his long contribution to the relevant field, he was the recipient of The Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2010.
Bekim Blakaj (Kosovo)
Mr. Blakaj graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences where he served as researcher and project coordinator. His works mainly focus on the transitional justice and human rights. He is now the head of the office at Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo.
Biao Yang (China)
Professor Yang is an associate professor at East China Normal University, Shanghai. He was a Fulbright Scholar, UCLA, and was the JSPS(Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science) fellow at the University of Tokyo. His teaching interests include the history education and reconciliation.
Daniel Whitaker (United States)
Mr. Whitaker is a retired teacher at Madison High School, San Antonio, Texas. He has been honored with several awards for meaningful achievements in the part of varied teaching styles to improve student interest in learning. His major interests include Asian culture and human geography.
Dennis Sammut (England)
Mr. Sammut is the executive director of LINKS, London Information Network on Conflicts and State-building. He has worked for the last two decades on the prevention and resolution of conflicts with NGOs. He was also an advisor and a consultant for the United Nations in Afghanistan and in the European Union, Georgia.
Falk Pingel (Germany)

Mr. Pingel is an associate research fellow of Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research. He received his PhD at Bielefeld University where he teaches contemporary history. His dissertation is on the study of the Nazi Concentration Camps. He co-authored and co-edited German History Textbook.
Heide Rieck-Wotke (Germany)
Ms. Rieck-Wotke is a writer and a member of German Writers Union. After she encountered former forced laborers in the “Third Reich”, she decided to write their tragic stories. One of her several books, Yet Behold, We Live(2005) is dedicated to forced laborers between 1939-1945. Her aim is to write for saving the soul and peace, reconciliation with all the people who were blessed by the terror of the Nazis.

Hiroshi Miyajima (Japan)
Born in 1948, Miyajima graduated Graduate School of Letters at Kyoto University. He taught at Tokyo Metropolitan University and Tokyo University. He currently teaches at Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University. He has authored History of Land Survery Plan During the Chosun Period(Japanese edition, 1991), and Yangban(Japanese edition, 1994).
Igor Churbanov (Uzbekistan)
Professor Churbanov works at the Korean Language and Literature Depertment, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami. His research interests include Korean language for Russian as foreign language, Korean dialects and Sino-Korean words.
Katy Whitfield (Canada)
Ms. Whitfield is the youth conference coordinator of Toronto ALPHA. She teaches Canadian and world history at Vaughan Road Academy. Her work addresses integrating the teaching of Asian history into the classroom. She is the recipient of the TDSB Excellence on Teaching Award, 2011.
Kazuharu Saito (Japan)
Mr. Saito is a lecturer at Meiji University and No.2 High School Affiliated to Hosei University. He obtained his PhD in History at Meiji University, 2009. He is the co-author of The History that Opens Future, a joint history textbook by Korean, Chinese and Japanese educators. He researches on East Asian history dialogue, issues of the colonial governing.
Margaret Wells (Canada)
Ms. Wells is a board member of Toronto ALPHA and an instructor in the Initial Teacher Education(ITE) Program at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education(OISE) at the University of Toronto. She was a former secondary school teacher of history, politics and English. Her M.A. thesis is focused on gender issues in the history of the Holocaust.
Masamichi Kikuyama (Japan)
Mr. Kikuyama teaches at Hiroshima Prefectural Miyajima Technical High School. He has been a staff member of Education Research Center of Hiroshima High School Teacher’s Union. He authored Chosun-Japan Modern History Textbook. He has also worked with NGOs, dedicated his efforts on supporting the trial on radiation exposure victims who were conscripted laborers.
Shengxiang Xiang (China)
Mr. Xiang is a teacher at No.1 High School Affiliated to East China Normal University. He specializes in the study of history education and history theory. He wrote awarded papers in the area of history education, such as ‘On the Application of Webquest in History Learning’, ‘A Study of History Teaching Strategy by Using Diagrams’.
Shusuke Uoyama (Japan)
Mr. Uoyama is a lecturer of Teaching Center at Teikyo University. He served as teacher at Teikyo
London Private Academy and Teikyo Private Secondary School. He has been in exchange with Tokyo Chosun School for about 10 years. His research topics include issues of modern history education, civic education, and consumer education.
Slawomir Czerwinski (Poland)
Mr. Czerwinski is a history and geography teacher at British International School of Wroclaw. He graduated in Geography and History at Wroclaw University. He is particularly interested in the history of totalitarian system, and the ethnic conflicts in Europe after World War II, such as the Yugoslav wars.
Tetsuo Suzuki (Japan)
Professor Suzuki is a professor of Department of Education at Hokkaido University of Education. Participated in ‘Korea-Japan History Textbook Meeting’, his continuous effort was brought a joint textbook, The Interchange between Korea and Japan. His research interests include history of socio-economy in medieval Japan, history textbook and its’ methodology.
Ulrike Hirschhausen (Germany)
Professor Hirschhausen is a professor for European History at Rostock University. She was received her M.A. at Stanford University, PhD at the University of Tuebingen, and Doctor of Habilitation at the University of Goettingen. Her research areas include multiethnic empires and colonialism.
Youk Chhang (Cambodia)
Mr. Chhang is the executive director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, a project begun by the Cambodian Genocide Center at Yale University, now independent Cambodian NGO. As a survivor of the Khmer Rouge’s “The Killing Fields” and his long journey to fight for justice, he was the recipient of the Truman-Reagan Freedom Award by Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.
Dongchoon Kim (Korea)
Professor Dongchoon of Sungkonghoe University has attained his education in Political Sociology and Historical Sociology. His diversity of interests in human right, labor movement and in Korean War, made him a Member of Standing Committee in the National Commission for Liquidating the Past, and in The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Hangmahn Lim (Korea)
While Mr. Hangmahn teaches in Seoul Sejong Middle School, he also pursues his interest in history education by being a co-editor of the Korea History Textbook. He has attained his Masters degree on History Education of the Graduate School of Education in Korea University.
Janghie Lee (Korea)
Professor Janghie is in fields of International Law of Human Right, Law of Military Engagement, and International Law of the Sea. He is the co-representative of the East Asian History Network, president of the Korean Society of International Law, vice-president of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, the executive director of the Committee of Lawyers of Amnesty International in Korea, and the Judge of (The Hague) Permanent Court of International Justice(PCA).
Joonghyun Park (Korea)
Mr. Joonghyun is a teacher at Yangjae Middle School and an Adjunct professor in Kongju University. While he focuses on his teachings, he also is a co-writer of the Common History Textbook and of East-Asian History Textbook. His passion for history conflict in East Asia, and reconciliation has made him a Member of the Committee of History Curriculum History of Korea. 
Juback Shin (Korea)
Mr. Juback is an HK research professor in Yonsei University and a visiting scholar in Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Yanbian University and in Academia Sinica. He cooperates in The Joint Research Committee of Korea-Japan History(Sub-Committee of Textbook) and aids as the Korean Director of the Korea, China and Japan History Textbook Development Committee.
Kyunghoon Lee (Korea)
Mr. Lee teaches at Yicheun Middle School. His teaching interests are mainly about the history of Korea-Japan relations and the history of ethnic Koreans living in Japan. These interests lead him to perform as lecturer in Geumgang School, Osaka, Japan.
Mikang Yang (Korea)
Ms. Mikang is the chairperson of Steering Committee of International NGO History Forum for Peace in East Asia, standing co-chairperson of Steering Committee of Asia Peace and Historical Education Network. She also partakes in Northeast Asian History Foundation as advisory committee member. She has dedicated most of her time to promote peace and history education, conflict resolution, and historical reconciliation. 
Okseon Yi (Korea)
Granma Okseon was born in Busan in 1927. She grew from poverty and was forced to endure sexual slavery from the Japanese military for years. After the Liberation, she married a Korean man however; they were separated because her husband was enlisted in the military when war broke out in China. She remarried and finally returned to Korea and moved to the House of Sharing. Now she has become a fervent and fiery human rights activist.
Shinkweon Ahn (Korea)
Mr. Ahn is the president of the House of Sharing, the home for the comfort women who were forced into becoming sex-slaves during WWII. He is also an adjunct professor in Kyungbok University. He has been cooperating as a member of the livelihood support for victims of sexual slavery by Japanese Military Center of International Human Rights and Peace.
Unsuk Han (Korea)
Research professor Mr. Han of the Institute of East-Asia Culture Exchange of Korea University also partakes as teaching professor of Kim Dae-Jung Presidential Library and Museum at Yonsei University. His career is related to Inter-Germany relations and the reunification of Germany in the Division Era, and international historical reconciliation and history education.

Wooyoung Lee (Korea)
Professor Lee teaches at the University of North Korean Studies. He has served as senior researcher in the Korea Institute for National Unification, executive editor of the Korea Reunification Society of Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice(CCEJ), and the editor in chief of the Korean Associate of North Korean Studies. 
Youngseo Baik (Korea)
Born in 1953 in Incheon, Baik Youngseo studied East Asian history at Seoul National University. He currently teaches history and is the director of Institute of Korean Studies, Yonsei University. He is also editor in chief of The Quarterly Changbi. He has authored The Return of East Asia, and co-edited The Consciousness of the "Orient" among East Asians.
Youngsu Kim (Korea)
Research professor Mr. Kim in Institute of Social Science at Gyeongsang National University was the former team leader of Report Team, Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths, and the head of Policy & Organization Department of the Union of Public Transport, Social Service and Labor Organization at the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. His teaching interests include the regional politics and comparative politics between Republic of South Africa and South Korea.